Change? What Change?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Short Commerce Story

Somehow it's boring to see my posts in the same pattern everytime so I decided to take a change. This is what happened in my previous semester. Four courses starting at the end of February and ending on July (because of unforeseen circumstances, as written in "Domino").

Marketing Management and Implementation, a somewhat basic course judging from its course code. It is divided into afternoon and evening classes (full time and part time students respectively) and the majority of the takers are advertising students (maybe it's a core course). The lecturer is somewhat weird but the lectures are interesting. It mostly revolves around market positioning, the topic of the course assignment. Basically, students need to form groups of approximately 5 people and research on their clothing boutique of choice. There are also several class activities (marked) and a final exam. The only course where I buy the prescribed textbook. Considering selling it. Final grade: Credit (in the scale of High Distinction, Distinction, Credit, Pass, and Fail).

Managing People, a class that requires its students to be proactive (something that I lack) and the most paper-consuming out of all four courses (if someone said that the paper used by all the students from this course equals one rainforest, I can believe it). No exam here, which is a relief. Assignments are divided into three parts: Group assignment (research on a corporation from a management point of view) which is again divided into three parts. Interestingly, everyone from my group has different nationalities (besides me, others are Australian, Vietnamese, Korean, and Colombian) and it's interesting to see that despite that, we can perform well as a group. Two others are individual assignments. One case study which needs so many journal articles researched and was the major cause of my breakdown in mid to late May, miraculously done in less than 24 hours and resulting in a 3,831 words worth of report (including a 14-hour mad session of almost nonstop typing). The third assignment (if you can call that one) is a review of the course in general. It ended up as a rant to preserve the rainforests though. I thought that a pass might be enough. Final grade: Distinction (I am also surprised).

Business and Government in a Global Context, the core course of Masters of Commerce. I took a seminar style instead of the normal class-based teaching style. Eight hours each seminar on Saturdays (thankfully not every Saturday, it's five Saturdays to be precise, spans for a semester). Here I got possibly the best team out of all my commerce courses. It's also interesting that my research topic is Freeport McMoRan (one idea I gave to the team, and they are actually surprised by how awful that company is. Finally Indonesia helped me in my studies, heh). Final exam is insane, but I was lucky. Final grade: Credit.

Internet Industry Project? Again, it's in the Domino post, although with a certain little spice of drama.

Well, that's it actually. Now I'm going to miss cyanide-injected hedgehogs.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


From the beginning of the week towards the end of the week, the mood swings very hard. Italy won the world cup with the final having the goalscorers of each team made a huge impact on the match. Materazzi's "foul", Zidane's chipped penalty, Materazzi almost conceding an own goal but scored on the other end, Materazzi's provokation, Zidane's headbutt, Materazzi's goal in the shootout, and finally Zidane's Golden Ball.

Somehow I am able to be tested for work, and reached the interview session. Hopefully I can finally make it now.

Confirmed, my return to the previous path, although my performance on the new (now old) one was quite decent. It was fun while it lasts.Unfortunately the future is quite cruel.

The week ends with a bizzare news. Calciopoli trial ends with Juventus, Lazio, and Fiorentina relegated to Serie B with deducted points for the new season while Milan remains unscatched in Serie A and is possible to reach Europe.

Wait...did I read that right? I need to restate it.

Fiorentina relegated to Serie B.

WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?!?!

What kind of atrocity is this? I can remember an event while a victim was punished (and I think that was stupid...the main truth was to defend a high position), but to think that it happened again in the course of my life and on a national scale is insane. Appeal needs to be done, because I never believed that victims are to be punished because they suffered and on top of that treated just the same as the actual perpretrators (and their oppressor).

Saturday, July 08, 2006


I've been thinking, the events that are about to unfold is actually caused by the chain reaction from several years past. I can remember the day I choose my decision merely to disobey what's told to me. The choice that leads to friendships, friendship breakings, ambition, despair, love, heartbreak, straying, and then returning. Looking back, I wonder what would I be right now if I chose to follow the path...I'm being too nostalgic because of this future choice it seems.

It seems that the choice I made forced me to return, despite my adaptation and acceptance of the new storyline. True, it is a struggle, and it is true that I might be able to make it. Though, will I look back with regret or not next year is uncertain.

On a lighter note, the World Cup is drawing to a close with Italy and France aiming for glory and Germany will be aiming for consolation together with Portugal. It seems surprising though since I did not believe in this year's Italy squad. The last time I can remember giving a damn to the squad is in 1998 or 2000. I'm glad that I can believe in them again, especially after the semifinal drama in Dortmund. I can barely breathe after the late goals, reduced to only saying "Yes!" over and over again. This would be a moment to enact revenge on the pain in 1998 and 2000.

Something interesting for you to consider, this case study based on real life situation.

We follow the adventure of eight adventurers torn between two kingdoms...Who am I shitting?

There might be confusion since it is told in a third person perspective.

This story happened at the beginning of the year with eight university students that happen to go to a university overseas (university A) by the help of a cooperation program with their university (university B) at the home country. At that time, they need to build a project, as part of thesis replacement since it would be their final year. We follow the viewpoint of student A who asked Mr. X whether coming to the thesis briefing would be necessary. The response is that the student can skip it since there is a difference between the project and the thesis (the briefing notes how to structure the format of the thesis) and off he goes to the other campus. Student B is also informed by Mr. X that when the student arrives at the destination (overseas), Mr. X would sent files which will then be used by student B to brief the other students.

When the role is set and all of the students are already abroad, the long-awaited briefing files did not arrive. Confusion ensues since everytime the students contacted parties from both universities, there were no replies at all. Unfortunately one cannot control the flow of time and two weeks passed without information. Word somehow found its path to the higher-ups and the universities are informed. Mr. X told the students that there is no connection whatsoever between the project of university A with university B itself. The students were then given an extension, replacing the time used for contacting the universities.

At this time, there has been communications between a particular student C and Mr. X regarding the project. The communication was kept secret though, the other students being unaware of it. This event will be vital to the case ahead.

As time flows, the students worked on their project, be it individually or within a group. Everything seemed to be in motion until an e-mail from Mr.X appeared in their inbox. The mail mentioned that the students need to submit a report for their project, based on the guideline of university B (which contrasted with the information that student A did not need to attend the briefing several months past) on a physical format (hard covered) and the deadline is set three weeks after the mail was delivered (which gives the students two effective weeks to actually start the report considering the time needed to post the thesis).

Hearing this, the students protested, noting the lateness in the information, the lack of timeframe to create a proper report, the necessary cost to send the file, and the fact that university B has once stated that there is no relation whatsoever with them regarding the project. Just as stated by student D, it's like working in a particular company but needing to do things the other company's way. It is also in this week that student C told the others of the communication with Mr. X and the fact that the student knows everything all along but decided not to inform others on this matter, keeping the information on oneself. The student actually did not agree with Mr. X but opted not to protest (based on information by the student).

A week later, Mr. X replied, stating that he had once informed it to student C (true, but the information did not spread) and student B (false, as can be seen at the beginning of this case). The students, however, still needed to finish their report, since failure to submit it by the deadline would mean that they needed to pay an extra amount of money for not finishing it on time. It is reported that the amount is approximately US$500 per person. Because of the circumstances, the students eventually started their report.

(That marked the end of the case. It has actually ended though but I am interested on how people would perceive the case)

Saturday, July 01, 2006


This week has something tempting to talk about, regarding football. Italy are now through to the semifinals of the world cup to fight the host nation Germany. It doesn't matter though but the fact that the second round victory is disputed is so abysmal. Fighting with a man down from a wrong red card decision (which the world ignored, basically) they let Australia have no chance of penetrating their defense. Surely the possession is lower, but when that possession is not converted into real chances, then how can a team win? At the dying minutes of the game, the dreaded "dive" the world hated appeared apparently. Lucas Neill is "tricked" by Grosso who "tripped himself" over the defender. Totti finally slotted in the spot kick. What I want to say is that people forgot that the most important thing to do in your penalty area when an opposing player is there is not to brought yourself down. First, Neill obviously obstructs Grosso's path, leaving him the option to leap (and getting the ball stolen or ball possession lost) or run to him (and falling in the process). Let's not forget Neill's hand that shot upward (although it is not clear whether that hand tripped the Italian defender or not). Australia worked hard though and props to them. Quarterfinal match is easier since it has victory written all over it. The main concern is whether Toni can score or not and he delivered, twice. I picked up a book on the history of Italian football just days after the second round and it is interesting. Currently no time for reviewing though.

Because of the lack of time also and as to not jeopardising my chances, I'll delay what I want to write to next week. I am also annoyed by the fact that someone is basically putting words into my mouth to force others to comply to his needs. One, should you be responsible for yourself in an individual effort? Two, should you at least check your lie first? I mean, if the person can confirm to the others within speaking distance then it's just idiotic. Kinda like cheating in an exam with the proctor staring at you just one metre away. Three, I am still not convinced on your role. Are you actually a mole? Basically I'm confirming that I will not inflict that 70% possibility of me dying because of your actions.

The battle has reached its final phase, we should be able to succeed at this rate.